Our Lockdown Guarantee

During this COVID-19 pandemic while governments and local authorities are restricting businesses from opening through lockdowns at various times; our Digi-Mags customers can either assign the service to an alternative location such as their home or pause their subscription should their business be temporarily closed due to a lockdown. During this pause you will NOT be charged for Digi-Mags.

If you wish to pause your subscription you must notify us in advance
, we cannot credit a subscription for a period that has already elapsed.

Please note: We supply Digi-Mags to customers in many countries and across multiple business sectors, all of which may have a different set of rules applied to them at various times, so we cannot pre-empt if your business is affected by a lockdown. We have to be notified by you so that we can suspend the service, otherwise the provision of Digi-Mags will continue as normal.

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